Trifecta Funding for Multidisciplinary Research

A big thank you to the hard work of Drs. Simone Graetzer and Pasquale Bottalico in the successful submission of a small seed grant from the Trifecta Initiative. We also look forward to collaborating with Dr. Lalita Upda, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Project Description:  This project will develop a low-cost device capable of determining the optimal noise threshold for a given environment and providing visual feedback for the class to respond to. The goal is to promote a healthy self-regulation of noise output by hearing and hearing-impaired persons. Unlike a sound level meter, this device will be able to distinguish between background noise and the voice of a teacher or other main talker and only present the background noise. Gaining this control also involves an educational process for pupils regarding noise perception by means of visual cues.

Trifecta Funding Hunter 1-pager

(l-r  Hunter, Bottalico, Graetzer, and Upda)