Congratulations Allison & Ethan!

Two of our V-BAL members were recognized for their research at the Michigan Speech Language and Hearing Association meeting in March. Their contributions, along with the great research of MSU’s CSD department in general, were highlighted on the College of Communication Arts & Sciences website.

Allison Woodberg’s MSHA poster, The Effect of Social Stress on Disfluency and Fundamental Frequency in Speech, was chosen by MSHA to receive its award, “Best Student Research Award.”  Her research focused on how stressful social situations can affect the pitch of a person’s voice, the frequency of filler words like ‘um’ or ‘like,’ or the tendency to switch topics.

(l-r Dr. Hunter, Allison Woodberg)

Ethan Hunter was also recognized during the MSHA Conference. At a breakfast, he was presented an award from Govornor Rick Snyder, along with a group of state lawmakers, for his continued research on how communication changes with age.

Sen Hertel
(l-r Ethan Hunter, State Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr.)

V-BAL Party

We had such a great time at the V-BAL closing social! Lots of food, conversation and, of course, the Viking (KUBB) game.  Check out the Facebook page for many more pictures.

And stay tuned for our opening social at the beginning of the new semester in the Fall.

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