Publication Alert: Dr. Hunter

JSLHRDr. Hunter’s work has just been published. The article, entitled “Comparison of Vocal Vibration Dose Measures for Potential Damage Risk Criteria, was written in collaboration with Dr. Ingo Titze (UI Foundation Distinguished Professor, CSD, U-Iowa; Executive Director, National Center for Voice & Speech).

The basis of early audiology work with noise exposure is used as a way to give risk criteria for voice disorders. As a first guide to damage risk in excessive voice use, the equal energy dissipation dose criterion is suggested to structure trade-off relations between loudness, adduction, and duration of speech.


Exciting News!

11351293_10153038344669608_2707362714769572850_nWe are excited to announce that Russ Banks will be continuing with us to pursue a PhD in CSD. He has deferred his acceptance to complete his CFY, so he will begin his studies in the Fall of 2016.

We have appreciated the great work Russ has done during his Masters program and look forward to continued work next year.