Welcome, Mark!

We are excited to announce that Mark Berardi will be joining us in January of 2016, when he will pursue a PhD in CSD. We have appreciated the great work he has already contributed towards our study of gender differences in occupational voice users as a student at one of our collaborator sites, Brigham Young University.

He has given me permission to share the fabulous video that he put together. ENJOY!


Congratulations to Pasquale & Ivano!

11892054_10153522915404705_5644343004534202911_nA big congratulations to Pasquale and Ivano for being awarded Michiko So Finegold Travel Award, funded by the INCE-USA (Institute for Noise Control Engineering) Foundation.

Their presentation entitled, “Vocal Effort and the Effect of Room Acoustics in Noisy Environments”, was given at the Internoise Conference 2015 held in San Francisco, CA.