Dr. Hunter Discusses New CSD Minor at MSU

Eric HunterDr. Hunter discusses the new Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD) minor in a new post on the College of Arts & Sciences homepage:

“We think it’s the way to go for students interested in this growing field,” said Eric Hunter, Associate Chairperson of Communicative Sciences and Disorders and Director of the Undergraduate Program. “We have offered individual undergraduate courses before. This new minor, however, creates a way for students to explore the field, getting the coursework and experience they need for their future studies. We also give these students the opportunity to experience the excitement of research in any of our diverse faculty labs.”

The following 7 courses are required to receive a minor in CSD:

  1. CSD 213 – Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
  2. CSD 303 – Fundamentals of Hearing
  3. CSD 313 – Speech Science
  4. CSD 333 – Oral Language Development
  5. CSD 364 – Speech and Language Disorders and Their Evaluations
  6. CSD 444 – Audiologic Assessment and Intervention/Rehabilitation
  7. CSD 463 – Intervention/Rehabilitation Procedures in Speech Language Pathology

Look for more information on this minor on the CSD website.


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