Geek Alert! Audio Enthusiasts & Engineers

Dr. Hunter had the opportunity to talk to a really cool group on campus: Audio Enthusiasts & Engineers (AEE). His presentation, “Acoustics and Vocal Communication” introduced basic concepts of acoustics, including the fundamentals of sound propagation and reflection, as well as room acoustics and reverberation. He also introduced how these principles are used to understand the vocal system. For anybody interested, here’s a video of the presentation:

Many of you may see Dr. Hunter’s geek alerts–well, this group is the coolest of all geeky alerts. According to the website:

Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers (AEE ) is a student organization, that was started in the fall semester of 2006. The group was founded by Stas Todromovich and David Lenz, and our faculty advisor, Dr. Gregory Wierzba.

We aim to design, prototype and build audio equipment. We are always open to interesting new members, from all majors with skills and passion. We are a project oriented group, focused on experimenting, researching and building audio projects. We present the built ptototypes to the public at events like the Michigan State University Design Day, AEE Music Festival and other events and competitions. Our group meetings and educational forums are also open to all MSU students to learn, teach, share thoughts and ideas to encourage innovation and discovery in the field of audio.

A big thank you to AEE for the invitation to speak!


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