V-BAL Will Make a Showing at ASA

Members of the V-BAL will make a strong showing at the ASA Conference in Salt Lake City in May.  In addition to Dr. E being formally inducted as an ASA Fellow, V-BAL members will give 10 podium presentations and posters. We are proud of your hard work, which has led to such great success. Keep up the good work!

  1. “Assessment of the Starting Point of the Lombard Effect.”  (poster)
  2. “Construction Noise Impact on Wild Birds.”  (podium presentation)
  3. “Gender Differences and Speech Accommodation in Occupational Settings.” (invited podium)
  4. “A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Aging on Speech Breathing: Evidence of Decreased Expiratory Volume in Speech Recordings.” (poster)
  5. “Pitch Control in Professional and Amateur Singers.” (podium presentation)
  6. “Spectral-normalization Filter for Subjective Analysis of the Aging Voice.” (poster)
  7. “Speech Accommodation to Room Acoustics: Reverberation Time and Clarity.” (podium presentation)
  8. “Speech Produced in Noise: Relationship between Listening Difficulty and Spectral and Durational Parameters.” (poster)
  9. “Time Dose and Fundamental Frequency of Male and Female Speakers in Different Style and Reverberation Times.” (poster)
  10. “Vocal Dosimeter Devices and Their Uncertainty.” (poster)



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