Ethan Hunter


ethan (2)In 2013, Ethan needed to complete an independent study project for his fourth-grade class. At the time, Dr. Hunter was beginning his research on the aging voice—and Ethan was interested because computers were used as a tool to answer questions about the voice. For this project, Ethan used the recorded speeches of one of Hunter’s study participants to analyze how pitch changed over multiple decades.

Since then, Ethan has expanded this research to include more individuals with more metrics. He has presented his research at the University of Utah’s Center on Aging Research Retreat, Michigan State Hearing Association (MSHA) Annual Conference in 2014 and 2015, and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) National Convention in 2014. His research has been highlighted in the ASHA Leader. He has been awarded several awards for his work, including one from the Governor of the State of Michigan, Rick Snyder.

In 2017, Ethan examined the effect of osteopathic manipulation on the voice and gave an oral presentation on that research at Voice Foundation’s 47th Annual Symposium (“Fundamental Frequency and Other Vocal Measures Before and After Osteopathic Manipulations”). He is currently examining the effect of extreme vocal loading on the voice of a female speaker.

Ethan plans to study Mechanical Engineering after graduating high school, where he is currently a Sophomore. He has been a student in Champs (an accelerated math program at MSU) and is currently completing I-SHALL (an accelerated English program at MSU). He plans to begin dual enrollment at MSU next year. He loves using technology and computers to solve problems. He plays the trumpet and piano, loves sci-fi and fantasy, reads computer and science magazines/books, bikes, shoots hoops, plays video games, and writes computer programs. He is a Boy Scout and is currently completing his Eagle project. Last (but not least), he is the programmer for his Vex Robotics team, a part of the well-known and nationally recognized Haslett Robotics Club.