Mark Berardi

MarkMark Berardi joined V-BAL in January 2016, when he began his Ph.D. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.

Before coming to MSU, he was an Applied Physics major and worked with the Acoustics Research Group at Brigham Young University, where he collaborated with Dr. Hunter. His main research focus was the quantification of changes in vocal effort to varying acoustic environments.

Mark first became interested in voice when he attended CSD classes with his wife. He went on to take classes in speech science and voice disorders and started working on several voice related research projects with Dr. Kristine Tanner in the Communication Disorders department at BYU.

Other professional interests include musical acoustics, architectural acoustics and audio engineering. Mark also has a great love for music. He loves to sing and plays a variety of instruments including trumpet, piano, organ, carillon (bell tower), and accordion.

Although most of his interests are sound related, Mark is fluent in American Sign Language and takes every opportunity he can to use it.


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