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IMG_0007Pasquale Bottalico joined V-BAL in 2014 through a NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship. He assists Dr. Hunter to quantify gender-specific voice accommodation strategies used in occupational settings and acoustic environments and to identify patterns in acoustic data that reflect the laryngeal and pulmonary functioning of the aging population.

Dr. Bottalico is particularly interested in the professional voice user and singer techniques, as well as the definition and the quantification of vocal load. Other fields he is interested in are Speech Intelligibility, Room Acoustics and Musical Acoustics. Dr. Bottalico has authored peer-reviewed papers and more than forty non-peer-reviewed pieces.

Dr. Bottalico earned his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Univeristà Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria (Italy), while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Opera Singing at the F. Cilea Music Academy of Reggio Calabria (Italy). In 2005, he moved to Turin where he earned his master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy). For his master’s thesis, Dr. Bottalico combined his studies of engineering and music to explore musician perceptions of acoustics and the correlation with objective index from ISO 3382.

Dr. Bottalico earned his PhD in Metrology, studying acoustics with particular attention to the uncertainty of measurements and statistical analysis of data. For his dissertation, he investigated classroom acoustics of primary schools and its relationship with safety, examining the students and the teachers separately. Specifically, he: 1) described the speech intelligibility in the classroom, which affects students’ learning; and 2) examined how the acoustical features of a classroom can influence vocal performances.

Dr. Bottalico is also a professional chorister, performing under such prestigious directors as Rafael Frühbeck De Burgos, Yuri Ahronovitch, Jeffrey Tate, Juanio Mena, Gianandrea Noseda, Ottavio Dantone, Wayne Marshall, Helmuth Rilling, Christopher Hogwood, Robert King and Ivor Bolton.


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