Russell Banks



Russell Banks: Thesis

Russell Banks began his PhD at Michigan State University in the Fall of 2016. He is currently studying brain injury and the effects of concussion on the voice. He has presented his research recently at the International Brain Injury Association conference in New Orleans. He has also been in collaboration with Notre Dame University to further this research.  Russ was awarded the Strosacker Fellowship in January 2016.

Russ completed his Master’s Degree in 2015 under Dr. Hunter’s mentorship in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University and completed his CCC’s in 2016. For his thesis, he surveyed teachers in school districts across the United States to determine the effect on the voice by: (1) the size of each teacher’s classroom, (2) the vocally demanding extracurricular activities performed by each teacher, and (3) any habits that teachers may have. This research has been presented at several conferences and is currently being written up for publication.

Before coming to MSU, Russ was mentored by Dr. Hunter at the National Center for Voice and Speech in Salt Lake City, Utah—a center at the University of Utah, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. There he was involved in several voice research projects. These research projects involved voice therapy techniques for singers and occupational users of voice, aging voice, and voice perception. Russ has worked with several voice and acoustical analysis software programs including Audacity, ADSV, LABChart, WaveSurfer, ELAN, TF32, Elan, Praat, various KayPentax programs, etc. Russ also worked with another student at the University of Utah on software that quantified recovery in rehabilitation of various voice disorders.